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Branded Bottle Openers

One way to increase customer retention is to offer items as a gift they can carry with them everywhere they go. For instance, branded bottle openers are a popular marketing item. Many of them connect using a keyring to use while travelling. Furthermore, certain models provide additional tools to use for various purposes. 
Your personalised bottle openers can be used on a holiday while travelling or right at home. They also can be offered for use in public anywhere wine, beer, pop or other beverages are served. Browse our selection and look at the countless stock of bottle openers available in unique shapes. For instance, you might find traditional, round, square or rectangular shaped models available. 

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Printed Bottle Openers from Probos Promotions

We also have branded bottle openers with advanced features. For instance, some of them include a pizza cutter, magnet, corkscrew or clip. Others have a comb, knife, torch or other tool attached to it depending on what we currently have in stock.
You also will be pleased to know that you have several choices of quality materials from which your bottle openers would be made. For instance, we have some made from stainless steel, aluminium or plastic. Others have a rubber handle with a solid metal end. 
It might take you some trial and error to find out what variety of promotional bottle openers would be best for representing your brand. If you are not sure, you might want to try out a variety of models to see which ones provide the most comfortable grip when you hold them in your hand. 
We offer both small and large quantities of each bottle opening device in our stock, which gives you much flexibility when testing your marketing campaigns. What is more, each purchase you make from us gives you years of promotional exposure that you cannot receive with disposable fliers or other paper ads.
We want to see your business succeed. Therefore, we encourage you to contact us with any questions about planning your next marketing campaign. Otherwise, feel free to order whatever quantity is most suitable for helping you make the most of your next recurring advertisement campaign. 

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