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Branded Letter Openers

Sometimes, the simplest office tools improve daily productivity. We provide a variety of promotional items including paper slitters and branded letter openers. You can use them to improve customer retention no matter what industry you represent. 

Places where you might distribute your branded letter openers include your own corporate buildings or office complexes. You also might offer them to clients who you serve as a gift to help them remember you. Individual retail customers also would appreciate them, so you could send them as a bonus when they make a minimum amount of purchases online.

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Promotional Letter Openers for Your Desk

The letter openers we have in our product listings would be suitable for a variety of types of businesses. For instance, some of them are rounded or square-shaped and suitable for distribution at outdoor trade shows or business fairs. Others are more elegant and shaped like a pen or other long tool and would probably be present in executive offices. We also might have items that are just perfect for use in reception lobbies of hotels and information centres at shopping malls. 

When you browse our selection, you will also notice varieties of colour choices for use with logo branding. For instance, we offer light or dark backgrounds including red, yellow, blue, white or black. We also provide long metal openers that have a glossed, chrome handle that is both decorative and easy to grip.

Once you have chosen the letter openers you want, you can request customisations from us that are applied using one of our direct printing or engravement methods. The designs can match what you already use for your marketing campaigns, or we can create new ones. 

Wherever your branded letter openers are sent, they are likely to be seen by people who are your potential customers. This is true not only of public buildings but also at private homes and non-profit community centres. What is more, this category of merchandise will provide you a level of repeat promotion that you could not achieve with throwaway paper ads, fliers or post cards. 

Let us help you plan your next marketing campaign that could result in years of advertising exposure. If you have questions about our products or services, please contact us. Otherwise, we encourage you to place your online order now. 

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