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Personalised Branded Crayons

Most people have some artist in them regardless of age. Therefore, branded crayons might be the ideal gift to offer them.

We provide both large and small crayon sets. Some of them are packaged as collections that are appropriate for adults who use them as a drawing media. Others are made especially for children. In any case, they typically arrive to you in counts of 6-30 pieces in the most popular colours.

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Branded Crayons from Probos Promotions Ltd

Each branded crayon set you order from us includes a variety of customisation options. For instance, we can print personalised labels onto them or directly stamp your logo right onto each case. Furthermore, background colours of crayons in boxes vary. For instance, you can request blue, white, brown or another background shade or perhaps crayons in custom-shaped boxes. 

You also might enjoy personalising one of a variety of cardboard tube-shaped cases used for storing branded crayons. Just like the cardboard boxes, these also have enough room for displaying your logo and other graphics. Each one of these can also be decorated with elegant or modern lettering.

We also carry a variety of other products such as crayon and pencil sets or packs of sidewalk chalk. In addition, you might still notice some stain-free, plastic crayons available for children. Every one of these sets can be customised with attractive images that are suitable for the age of the recipient.

Typical quantities of branded crayons are the ones of between 25 and 250 units. You also can request certain items in 500 or more pieces to make sure you distribute them to enough places. For instance, you could send them to local schools, dentist offices, day cares and other establishments.

Using crayon sets for promotional purposes often makes the ordinary task of marketing more fun. When customers are entertained with branded crayons, it will make an impression on your target audience. If your potential niche likes what you offer them, they are likely to always remember your company name.

If you have any more questions about how to reach your target audience using personalised branded crayons, contact us. We will help you reach your personal marketing goals.

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