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Custom Pen Stands

Organisation increases productivity, and always having a place for office supplies reduces stress. Therefore, we recommend marketing to your target audience using promotional pen stands. Each one has its unique features you can use when establishing your brand.

We offer simple pens with holders or stands that have a clock and room for several pens. You also might see stands that have room for paper clips, business cards or notepads. When you browse our product catalogue, you might also notice unique items such as a pen on a stand that also has a stylus. All items you see in our product listings are pending availability, so please ask us to see if we still have them.

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Printed Pen Stands

To make the most of your marketing efforts, we also encourage you to order a variety of promotional pen stands. For instance, you might have certain niche audiences that would prefer the stands with the clock, while another might want the simpler stands that just hold the pen. If you have a variety with you, it could help you take advantage of all marketing opportunities. In addition, having multiple types of stands on hand will help you more easily reach people of different demographics at various locations.

Places where promotional pen stands are used include reception counters, retail stores or office cubicles. They also are used at home or anywhere a desk might be stationed. Each place where they are displayed is where your potential customers might be present.

When you distribute enough of your promotional pen stands, you eventually can establish your brand throughout the globe. This all starts with handing them out in your region and then to other states and countries. However, your stands have an additional benefit.

One reason why promotional pen stands are such a popular marketing item is they are easy to brand. We provide you with all the necessary direct printing and engravement options you need to stamp your logo and slogan onto each one. What is more, they last for a long time and can provide you years of advertising exposure with each supply.

Let us help you understand the effectiveness of branding with promotional pen stands. Contact us if you have more questions, or feel free to place your order today.


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